The Elder One is a dark latex, dragon-like being. She is one of the boss-like creatures the player encounters. The Elder One can be found in The Nest.

Appearance Edit

In game, The Elder One can be seen having a black and presumably latex body and a white underbelly, as well as a white mask; a noumenon of the Dark Latex creatures. As one might expect, she has a pair of matching black wings with a characteristic green membrane and matching green spikes. Yellow fur can be seen adorning her shoulders and head.

Biography Edit

Having some means of controlling the lesser Dark Latex Dragons, The Elder One attempts to Transfur the Human into either a Dark Latex Dragon, or a unique blue dragon creature which closely resembles The Elder One herself through the use of her summoning crystals. Once the player nears The Elder One, the boss sequence ends and the Human is given a nod of approval for their "determination" and "will to survive". Upon sharing this dialogue, the player is allowed to pass into the previously blocked doorway.

Personality Edit


Trivia Edit

  • The Elder One is the only dark latex monster that is hostile towards you, yet doesn't attack you directly.