Appearance Edit

Snow Leopards are, like their name implies, a duo of humanoid snow leopards that appear in the game.

In-game you can find them in four different areas. Currently there are two known ones: a male and a female(pictured). You can't find both at once.

Both of them have almost the same appearance, with grey fur with black spots all over, white underbelly and snout, green eyes and a long tail. There are some differences however, such as gender and the fact that only females seem to have white hair on their heads.

Behavior Edit

Both of them have different behaviors, though only the female tries to absorb you:

  • The female one will ambush you in the room with the moon poster, causing a quick time event. She later chases you in the vents after you fall over.
  • The male one will appear earlier in the vents in an attempt to ambush the player, and later on the balcony where the crow appears, though in this instance the human has no chance of escaping and will be transformed into a blue-eyed snow leopard.

Personality Edit

[(tukandeso): sorry i cant define their personalities. Could somone help out please?]