Dr. K is a scientist from before the riots that got transfurred intentionally while taking special drugs that allowed him to keep his memories at free will. He tries multiple times to stop the Human, who he believes may carry the virus, from getting outside.



Appearance Edit

He is a white wolf with red eyes, wearing a lab coat and a gas mask that presumably protects him from the toxic gasses in the facility or the virus itself.

Background Edit

He was first found at the Secret Door and releases sleeping gas which causes the player to fall unconscious.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite his antagonistic behavior, he believes that he is just trying to do what is right. (it's implied in-game that the Human may carry the virus, and Dr. K is intent on keeping it inside the facility), meaning that he is more of an anti-hero/hero antagonist instead of a villain.
  • DragonSnow confirmed on Twitter[1] that Dr. K is a wolf.

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