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A main character in the series

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° Appearence

She is described as having long brown hair which waves without any wind, bright green eyes and a flawless skin. These are her most noticable features. They are something a lot of people notice. But this is after her transformation. Before her transformation she is described as a little dull girl. Her hair wouldnt grow past a certain lenght and her face wouldnt stop producing pussy zits. After her transformation she grew 20 cm and became as in the books described, perfect height. Before the transformation she had been struggeling with a eatingdisorder anorexia. She kept struggeling with it , even after her transformation which should have made her a perfect human being. but because anorexia is a mental disease she is still copping with it.

( personally i did my research on anorexia and found out that anorexia patient whant to be, as they say perfect. I think the author did a very good job of making her perfect through the transformation ( which should have made her perfect to us ) but she still doesnt think she is perfect even though she really is! This is a very obvious sign of anorexia. Being perfect but not knowing it. So to conclude, I like how the author wasnt like: ow shes perfect know let her know. No she is perfect but she still doesnt believe  it)

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