Dark latex dragon Edit

Apperance Edit

Dark latex dragon, like the name implies, is a dragon-like being who appears in Changed an a boss-like enemy.

She is a big creature with a black body with a white underbelly. She has a pair black wings with transparent green membraine inbetween and with green spikes on them. She also has yellow fur on her back and head.She wears a white mask with long "horns" on it. She has green eyes.

Biography Edit

At first she(presumably [gender unknown for sure]) sends her minions after the Human trying to transform him into a latex monster, all the while trying to chatch him using crystals in the room. However, after the player manages to get to her she nods approvingly towards the player after seeing that the human is desprete for survival. Afterwards she unlocks the door with was blocked with crystals ealier.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only dark latex monster that is hostile towards you, yet doesnt attack you directly.
  • It's unknown how she has zero control over Puro's actions, though it may be related to him being a failed experiment.